Call for Abstracts Deadline is Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

No extensions will be granted. You will receive an automatic confirmation that materials were successfully submitted.

In the words of our Past President, Marty Lentz: "Read the instructions, believe the instructions, follow the instructions!"

  • When making corrections to your abstract submission, DO NOT reload the page or use the back button on your browser. Use the hyperlinked steps in the Presentation Control Panel instead.
  • All poster and podium presenters must pay the individual or student registration fee to attend the conference. Employment in a WIN Organizational Member does not confer membership status to individuals or students. Payment of the membership fee can be made at the time of conference registration.
  • The Program Committee will decide whether to place papers in a poster or podium session, and its decision is final.
  • Each abstract in a podium session is allotted 10 minutes for presentation, with 5 minutes for audience questions. "Yes, it is Possible: A Research Report in 10 Minutes."
  • Presentations will occur in the order they appear in the program. Podium presenters are expected to attend the entire session in which their paper is featured.
  • Posters will be on display for an entire morning or an entire afternoon. Presenters are asked to be available for the hour designated in the conference schedule for Poster Viewing.

The deadline for submissions has been reached. Thank you for your interest.